Comic 179 - Parading Through Popstar: Part 9

1st Dec 2019, 2:08 AM in Parading Through Popstar
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Parading Through Popstar: Part 9
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Saia 1st Dec 2019, 2:08 AM edit delete
Yep, Kolosov (now just named Kol, I'm trying to avoid all the weird political jokes i used to have) is back! His personality will be a bit different from what it was in the earlier pages; let's just say he had a lot of time to change since we last saw him.

Kyle will probably return at some point in this chapter too, but I'm not sure when. This chapter's generally going to have a lot of returning characters; even the Elite Four has some characters that haven't been seen in a while in it! You won't be seeing them for a while, though.