The Beginning

Kirby, Keeby, and some others go on an adventure to save the Mirror World!

The Star Garden

Kirby and Keeby go into space to look at the stars; this is normal for them; and end up finding a new place, the Star Garden. There's a lot to learn there.

Royal Problems

Someone is trying to assassinate King Dedede! Kirby and Keeby have to stop them.

Treasure Adventure

All of our heroes' treasure has been stolen! So they go on a (pretty small) adventure to get it back.

Parading Through Popstar

Some people from the Star Garden have come to Popstar, thinking about moving there. Keeby decides to take them on a tour of the planet (and brings Kirby along for the ride).

The Royal Lifestyle

It's just... a look into Dedede's daily life. That's it. That's the entire chapter.

Warrior's Birth

Get a look into the life of Meta Knight, and meet his new apprentice!