The Beginning: Part 1 21st Nov 2019, 4:38 AM
The Beginning: Part 1
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Author Comments:

Time to reupload all 191 pages that had been made at the time that Smack Jeeves revealed their redesign... This is gonna take a while.

Anyway, welcome to the first page of A Generic Kirby Comic! Those are our main characters up there, Kirby and Keeby. They're the heroes of Dream Land, of course; but they're also farmers! What, did you think being a hero got you enough money to live off of?

As for that little "V2" on the bottom right, you'll be seeing that on the first 40 or so pages. These were originally a lot worse than they are now, so I remade them. I still don't think this first chapter is very good, though...

Posted @ 21st Nov 2019, 4:38 AM